What our Customers say...


The technicians were very courteous and very prompt!

The people at SERVPRO are fantastic!

I am so very appreciative and pleased with the quality of work that Matt Holland and his Storm Team did at my flooded home in Nichols, SC. I would highly recommend SERVPRO and Matt and his team to anyone that needs fire or water restoration. I am happy that I had the good sense to use professionals like Matt that SERVPRO provides.

Matt worked hard to dry my crawl space and inside my home and also do the mold and mildew restoration under the house and inside as well, including the furniture. He kept me informed daily of the progress which I greatly appreciated. Matt and his team conducted themselves very professionally at all times. They were also extremely nice and kind, explaining everything they were doing and offering suggestions as to what should be done. Best of all, they put up with me and my millions of questions.

I am very fortunate to have selected SERVPRO for my flooded home. Not only do I feel very comfortable that my home is dry and free of mold and mildew. I am 70 years old and can honestly say that I have never worked with anyone that was as pleasant and kind as Matt and his team. I would recommend SERVPRO and Matt to anyone.

I was very pleased with the way everything worked out. The service techs were courteous, knowledgeable and very professional. I was very pleased with the way they handled everything.

I was impressed by the SERVPRO crew that came out to help us with our water situation. They really took care of us and made it like it never even happened. I will tell all my friends about SERVPRO. Thank you for every thing. 

All of your service personnel were great, neat, friendly and polite. Pleasure doing business with you. Thank you SERVPRO.

The flood damage that was in my home was extensive, but it was your company that made this nightmare end. From the people on the phone to the technicians who showed up to assess and clean up the damage it was a true professional effort. Thank you SERVPRO!!!

Professional and timely service, I couldn't have ever expected to need your flood damage repair services but was grateful when they were there and ready to assist me. Thanks for all your help!

All I can say is wow, and thank you so much for your excellent team of professionals that made all of my fire damage disappear. Thank you SERVPRO.

I never knew I would need to have fire damage repair service on my apartment, let alone in my bedroom. But at the same time, I never thought that candle would be flipped over and cause my curtains to go up in a flaming mess. Thank goodness for your service, you put my house back in order. I would recommend you guys for every disaster...planned or otherwise. Thanks SERVPRO.

The work that SERVPRO of North Chattanooga did was excellent. The customer service was great and I didn't feel like I was overcharged. All in all a very good experience. Thank you SERVPRO. Great job.

When mold was affecting our health, we knew we needed to call an expert. SERVPRO of North Chattanooga are the experts. They are knowledgeable, have incredible experience, and will work day and night to solve your problems. Thanks SERVPRO.

Wow! SERVPRO of North Chattanooga got rid of the mold in two days. After months of living with the mold, in two days it was completely gone. These experts are the best! Call them if you have a problem right away!

My renter's space heater caused a small fire in the apartment. SERVPRO fixed the damage as well as giving us hints to prevent similar damage in the future that I can provide future renters. Thanks SERVPRO!

Great people to work with. Very honest.

Standing in my shower one night I just happen to look up at the wall above the shower stall. I hadn't noticed it before but there were mold spots all over the walls. After my shower, I tried cleaning it but the mold damage was just too extensive as the wall just was covered. I called your company and they came out the very next day. Now my mold problem is gone and I couldn't be happier I didn't have to gut my entire bathroom. THANK YOU!

I never knew that a mudslide from a hill behind our home would cause flood damage to my beautiful Chattanooga house. But according to my former insurance company that is why my damage was not covered. However, with your company I didn't need to worry about the insurance. You kept your prices low and on my budget. The work was completed as promised and on time. Thank you for rescuing my home from this disaster.

When the rainstorm busted through one of my windows the water started soaking my carpet and the walls. I thought everything in the room would be a total loss, and would cost me a lot of money. However, when I called your team they were able to salvage more than I expected and did not take my bank account to the cleaners for the repair work on my water damage. So thanks! I really do appreciate all the help you team provided me.

When the rain storm busted through one of my windows the water started soaking my carpet and the walls. I thought everything in the room would be a total loss, and would cost me a lot of money. However, when I called your team they were able to salvage more than I expected and did not take my bank account to the cleaners for the repair work on my water damage. Thanks to the SERVPRO Chattanooga storm Experts! I really do appreciate all the help you team provided me.

When our fire pit started shooting embers on the roof and it caught on fire. Shortly after that my thoughts turned to reality and burned a small section of my roof before we could get it extinguished. Having no idea how to fix it, we called around to different repair companies. Your team was the most professional and courteous we spoke too and came highly recommended from your past customers. Anyone looking for fire Chattanooga damage repair services should look no further.

I thought my kitchen would be a total loss and my home would have to undergo a complete renovation when I first saw the aftermath of the fire. Thankfully, your team salvaged as much as possible and made the fire damage repair of my kitchen as painless as possible. Truly Grateful!

The water damage from my busted dishwasher caused a lot of water damage to my kitchen cabinets and counter-top. Once your team arrived, they got to work immediately and were never too busy to answer my questions. I wouldn't hire another company as long as your team is around to make the repairs.

When we set up our above ground pool, I never thought it would end with flood damage to my house. But just like the funny YouTube videos, there goes the side of my pool and water coming inside my home. Well I didn't have insurance that would cover this, but thankfully your company kept the costs low and I was able to afford the timely repair. Your guys did a great job and I would call if this happened again.

While I hope our vet office never has to deal with water damage again, I wouldn't hesitate to call this company again. In fact, I've got their number prominently posted in my office in case of an emergency!

Guys, two words...thank you! You would never know our office suffered extensive water damage. When the insurance adjuster came out to see the completed cleanup, he complemented the work as well.

Our hats go off to every member of this company who worked so hard and diligently to get our shop back open after a fire. It is nice to know there are people who not only know what they are doing, but actually care while doing it.

A fire in our office attic required extensive repairs. This company didn't back down from a challenge. There aren't enough words to describe how thankful we are or how happy we are with the results.

All I can say is WOW! and thank you. I just knew my office was never going to be the same after it was subjected to flood damage. I was right....your team made it better!!

Perfect group of professionals to work with if you ever have to deal with the aftermath of flood damage. I hope it never happens again, but if it does, you'll be the first people I call.

Who knew that mold remediation could be painless? Thanks to this amazing company, it was for our office.

Everyone of our office employees has admitted they can breathe easier knowing that these talented mold remediation experts handled the job in our office. Thank you!

We had mold growing in our office kitchen. Thank you guys for coming out and performing remediation while we carried on as normal in the office. Perfect work!

As a small business owner with a couple of offices, this is definitely my go-to company for mod remediation On every occasion, the work has exceeded my every expectation.

Our office had water damage after a pipe burst in the restroom. It was a huge mess! Thanks for coming out on the weekend to get rid of the water and dry everything out. We were back in business by Tuesday.

This team quickly responded with all the equipment needed to start the process of flood damage repair. Best of all, they did spectacular work!

When I was alerted to a fire in my store, I had no clue what to do. Thanks to a friend, I knew to call this company and let them handle everything from the smoke, water, and fire damage. Who knew the aftermath of a fire didn't have to be tragedy? These guys certainly made sure of that.

When we discovered mold in the basement of our daycare, we were absolutely appalled. I can't begin to tell you how thankful my partner and I am for your team coming out the same day to help us come up with a plan for remediation. Everything went great!

Our office was a disgusting wet mess after a sump pump busted in the basement. Thanks so much for coming out immediately after we called to get started assessing the situation to determine the best plan of action for salvaging our things. We couldn't be happier with both the level of service and job your company did for us.

I knew from the minute I called your office and the lady who answered the phone was so helpful that I had made the right decision calling you guys for mold remediation. Thanks for proving me right.

Great job! Everything looks so fantastic that you would never know we'd had a fire. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!