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What to do in Case of Major Flooding

7/27/2017 (Permalink)

What to do in Case of Major Flooding

Each year, billions of dollars in property damage occur as the result of flood damage. Whether the source of the flood damage is external, such as an overflowing river or sudden heavy rain, or internal, such as a supply line break of pipe break, water damage is often the single most destructive misfortune that can befall a property.

Many homeowners are unaware of how pernicious water damage can be. Even if a pipe break or supply line break appears to be small, with little water spillage and being quickly contained, if the water cleanup process is not begun immediately, the property can quickly incur lasting water damage.

The single most important step that can be taken in the mitigation of water damage in a flooded home is to call in the professionals. If a professional water cleanup team is able to arrive on site, within the first five hours of a flood damage event, the chances of a successful restoration of the property are nearly 100 percent. On the other hand, if a water cleanup team cannot get to the flooded home in the first 24 hours, the chances of permanent flood damage, up to and including total loss of the property, begin quickly rising.

The five-step mitigation and restoration process

Luckily, there is an established protocol for handling the restoration of a flooded home and mitigation of damage. Below, we'll take a look at the five restoration and mitigation steps that all but ensure the flooded home will be returned to its prior state.

The phone call to the restoration company

The first step is also, by far, the most important, in the water cleanup process. Once a flood event has taken place, it as absolutely crucial to call in a professional restoration company. They will have the ability to assess the water in the home or water in the business and will have the tools to resolve the problem.

The restoration company's team arrives

The restoration company's team will arrive on site, most likely within less than a half hour. They will immediately begin assessing how much water in the home or water in the business is present, formulating a plan of attack in the process. They will use high-tech devices to detect any water in the home or water in the business that may have leaked into hard-to-detect areas. This water in the home or water in the business will later be removed with specialized drying equipment.

The team begins water extraction

At this stage in the cleanup process, all standing water will be extracted. The team will use specialized equipment, including extremely powerful, truck-based pumping systems as well as special vacuums that are designed specifically for cleaning up water. They will be able to remove thousands of gallons per hour, generally allowing the water extraction process to only last a half hour to an hour.


Next, the cleanup team will begin the drying process. Although the home or business will appear, at this stage, to be more or less restored, there will still be a great deal of moisture in the materials that comprise the property. Large and very powerful drying devices will be deployed, allowing the entire property to be thoroughly dried, usually within a couple hours.

Once the drying process is complete, there will no longer be any risk to the property of sustaining permanent damage. All water will now have been removed.

Final cleansing and sanitation

Even though the home will now appear to be completely restored, the final cleaning and sanitation is still a very important step in the cleanup process. This step will remove and incipient mold or mildew growth. It will also eliminate any unpleasant odors that have accumulated, as a result of the exposure to water. At the completion of this step, the home will be completely restored.

A supply line break or pipe break can cause major damage to a home. But with a professional cleanup company's help, a pipe break or supply line break will almost never turn into a major loss for the homeowner.
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