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How Preliminary Deodorization Is Used To Repair Fire Damage In Chattanooga

4/12/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How Preliminary Deodorization Is Used To Repair Fire Damage In Chattanooga Smoke odor removal work is a critical part of fire damage restoration and repair.

Deodorization And Fire Damage

Smoke odor removal work is a critical part of fire damage restoration and repair. During a house clean up, technicians use deodorization techniques in a consistent and controlled manner. Often, odor removal is the first aspect of the job to be tackled, because the environment needs to be safe and comfortable for the team.

The exact nature of the deodorization methods used depends on the severity of the fire damage in Chattanooga homes. After clearing burned debris and starting work on stained walls and ceilings, SERVPRO applies powerful granular deodorants and thermal fogging devices to eliminate the most pungent smoke odors.

First, however, we apply preliminary neutralizers to stop any more smoke particles from leaving damaged materials and collecting in the air.

How We Apply Preliminary Deodorizers
Smoke removal begins with a spray application. It is used to treat all solid surfaces within the affected space. The goal is to achieve preliminary detoxification or, in other words, artificially stop odor particles from emanating off smoky materials (furniture, carpets) and accumulating in the air.

The point of preliminary deodorization is not to completely rid a home of acrid smells. SERVPRO introduces more sophisticated tools for this later. It is to create a ‘cut off’ point of sorts, a point of control between the original fire and the restoration process. We aim to stop odors intensifying by limiting their movement.

Why Spray Deodorizers Are Effective
We use water extendable formulations with an added odor counteractant. It is effective because the counteractant (supported by emulsifiers and penetrants) infiltrates smoky atmospheres and establishes a barrier. All odor particles must pass through the barrier as they attempt to make it into the air.

The evaporation process is, essentially, slowed down as far as possible. The method can be used to treat many types of porous item, but they require full saturation with the deodorizing formula. As the chemicals react with some materials (like paint), they are only used to treat invulnerable items or surfaces which need repainting or refinishing anyway. SERVPRO makes sure to spray along baseboards and areas where smoke has traveled behind the walls. It is a good way to stop ‘invisible’ odor patches from developing in spots which are tricky to reach. For structures with radiant heat hot water or baseboard heat, deodorizing sprays must be applied to the coils and fins as well.

At SERVPRO of North Chattanooga, deodorization after a fire is a top priority. We understand that the damage often extends beyond what the eye can see, so we always carry out a comprehensive smoke removal process. Call us 24/7 on (423) 332-7678.

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